Customer Testimonials – Windsor Essex 2015

Best Jobs 2015: Maintenance and Repair Worker

As one of the Best Jobs , this profession should see significant growth over the next decade.

Following are the “before” pictures from a  recent Windsor, Ontario residential work site which resulted in many HandyReno.ca repeat customers after the renovation, with several ongoing referrals. 

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“After the total fire renovations, the home almost looked just likePaint - Flooring brand-spanking new. –  After Handyman Renovations you could never even tell that there had been a fire!”  

Paint – Flooring – HandyReno

Walls Painted - Floors CompleteWalls Painted – Floors Complete

I have put in another request and re-hired Dennis to do new work because whever I have a renovation problem Handy Reno has a quality solution!”

“Dennis gets lots of compliments on his work. We are very satisfied customers.  I always request Handyman Renovation Gift Certificates.” 

Repeat Customers, Windsor – Essex, Ontario 

“Dennis initially was contracted to remove a rail and to install drywall. Recently, he was in the process of installing a nice rail/stairway and drywall finishing.”

“Handyman Renovations is reliable, patient, and takes great pride and pleasure in professional workmanship!” 

Satisfied Customers, Windsor, Ontario 

“Dennis maintains high standards while providing low cost, economical, quality solutions in all areas (drywall, taping, mudding, sanding, painting, flooring, etc.,)…”

Repeat Customer, Tecumseh, Ontario 

 Handyman Renovations

  Drywall Painting  ◆  Flooring

Professional Remodeling

General maintenance and repair workers are also like “doctors for your home“. They need to have the ability to analyze a problem and find the best solution even when there may be many options. And sometimes they need to be creative when a solution isn’t so obvious.” Those who work in this industry have knowledge of basic carpentry, electrical repair, plumbing, and can repair drywall, doors, windows, and tiling. “A good design sense doesn’t hurt either”.

Choose to work as a general maintenance worker, and you could find yourself in just about any industry. Government offices, college campuses, apartment complexes, hospitals, movie theatres, and more; all facilities require someone on staff to troubleshoot the wear-and-tear problems that may arise.

Contact Dennis if you have any questions concerning a free estimate.

Telephone:  (519) 944-6398

Email:  Free@HandyReno.ca

We thank you for your business!

We at Handy Reno especially thank you, Karen and Family, River Canard, and other customers, for your kind and graceful testimonials.  Very happy to have helped!

1 Response to Testimonials

  1. Karen says:

    Dennis recently provided some extensive plaster ceiling and wall repairs, and painted our entire home interior. He was honest, hard working, skilled and a true to his word. He showed up on time, prepared and kept me informed regarding the project throughout. He finished on schedule and was pleasant, clean and hir plaster repairs are flawless. I highly recommend him and will hire him again in the future if needed. He also is just a super nice person. Friendly, respectful and professional. Thank you Dennis.
    Karen and Family, River Canard.

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